Here's what former graduates have to say about Mt. Calvary Christian Academy.

  • Jamie Kennedy, class of 2003

    "The influence that Mt. Calvary has had on my life is unmeasurable, to say the least. Not only was I provided a quality Christian education, I was also prepared for the real life that would come after graduation. The education and examples from the Godly teachers and staff at Mt. Calvary are what have shaped me into the person I am today."

  • danny taylor, class of 1981

    "In today's world, a Christian education is more valuable and is needed now more than ever! Looking back, I wouldn't trade my years at MCCA for anything. Not only did I receive a quality education, but most importantly I received a Christian education where everything was taught and filtered through God's Word by loving, caring teachers. I have a son who also graduated from here and I have also entrusted MCCA to help prepare my daughter for a certain future in an uncertain world. Thank God for Mt. Calvary Christian Academy."

  • Justin Pridgen, class of 1999

    "I can't believe the impact that MCCA has had on me and my family's lives. It has provided me with a firm foundation to succeed physically and more importantly spiritually. My wife is also a MCCA alumni, and we both look forward to our kids attending school here!"


    "Attending Mt. Calvary was something I never thought was possible because my family and I lived hundreds of miles away in York, PA. I'd always wanted to go to MCCA because both of my parents grew up and graduated from there, as well as my cousins who I'm very close to attended school there too. God moved my family and I back to North Carolina the summer before my senior year and I was given the opportunity to spend my last year of high school at Mount Calvary. And even though I only spent a year, everyone there made me feel like family. The teachers especially who pour into the lives of their students and they want the Lord to work in each of their hearts. I'm thankful for a few teachers that helped me along the way and to learn and grow in my areas other than academics. Teachers like Mrs. Kennedy are rare, but much appreciated, and she pushes and expects her students to give their best. I know that I do not regret my time there even though it was short, and I know many others would say the same."

  • Britt Harris, Class of 2013

    "I would say one thing that Mt. Calvary taught me was a family-like atmosphere. During my time there, the school was pretty small. In fact, I only had three people in my senior class. But I developed some of my closest friendships there. Most people got along well and looked out for each other."