Middle/High School

As a college preparatory institution, MCCA strives for excellence in all areas and at all levels of education. Our Middle and High School uses a variety of carefully-selected curriculums to best support our students to excel academically. These curriculums include: Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, Saxon Math, and Positive Action for Christ.

Our goal is to enable each student to become productive citizens in our society, as well as encourage them in their walk with God as they find His will for their lives.

We are pleased to offer these weekly opportunities for our students to discover and develop their God-given talents:

  • Art
  • Music/Choir
  • Chapel (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Agriculture
  • Sports: fall, winter and spring

Private piano and voice lessons are available for interested students.

Dual Enrollment

Here at MCCA we are able to help students dual enroll with the community colleges in our area. These classes are free of charge except for the purchase of books. We also allow students to take classes from other colleges that offer a similar program. As stated in our handbook, "with the principal's approval, MCCA students may be enrolled in college; however, any class taken at the college that is also offered at MCCA will not receive MCCA credit for the college class. The student must be 16 years old and presently taking at least 3 courses in the high school." Each college has its own criteria for high school students to take college level classes. Usually, the student must have at least a 3.0 GPA. If the students are entering high school, ninth grade is an excellent time to begin building that GPA so that the students may take college level classes when they turn sixteen.